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INFAST  Storage Containers with Easy Interlocking Assembly


Building Site Storage

BOS Containers are the perfect solution for building site storage. Made from 20 gauge galvanised steel the Build a BOS is completely weatherproof, sturdy and secure. Keep tools and deliveries safely locked away on site utilising our steel anti-theft locking system.

Infast Storage shed on construction site
Bos-Construction-Tight Storage_edited_ed

Tight Locations

Unlike a shipping container, the BOS Container can be delivered to the back of a site, to an underground car park or to an upper storey building. At the end of the build, the container can be dismantled and carried panel by panel back out again.

Flat Pack and Stackable

BOS Containers are delivered flat pack and can be stacked several units high. Floors are made from Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and sit above the ground on forklift skids. Rooves come with lifting lugs so the BOS container can be forked , craned or moved manually panel by panel.

Construction Flat Pack
Easy Instal

Easy Installation



Built strong

Built Strong

Tight locations

Tight Location

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