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INFAST  Storage Containers with Easy Interlocking Assembly


Side-by-Side Connection Kits

BOS Containers can be connected up to 3 units side-by-side with the proprietary BOS Container connection kits or 2 units lengthways. A versatile solution for scaling your warehousing space up or down.

BOS Construction Building site
Bos Construction Tight Storage

Adjustable Shelving

Shelving kits come with 3 shelves which are adjustable up or down and can be hung on either side walls or the back wall. Each shelf takes up to 80kg per metre.

All containers are 2 metres one end and scale to 4 metres each side. Need a 4x4m container? Simply add a connection kit and join two 2x4m containers. Need an 2x6m container? Simply join two 2x3m containers end-to-end. Talk to us about the options to fit your space.

BOS Construction Building placed
Easy Installation

Easy Installation



Built strong

Built Strong

Tight locations

Tight Location

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