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INFAST  Storage Containers with Easy Interlocking Assembly


Work Sheds

Need extra space at work to keep your spare parts and accessories safe and out of the elements? BOS containers are the perfect warehousing solutions.  Plus the Build a BOS is scaleable enabling you to work with fluctuation stock levels. Add a second BOS container with our proprietary connection kits to double the size of your shed and dismount when stock levels are low.

Shed with long ramp
Smart Shelves

Garden Shed

Don’t get a flimsy garden shed from the local hardware store. The BOS container is made from 20 guage galvanised steel, is strong, weatherproof and joints are rust free. No need to pour a concrete slab as the BOS Container sits above the ground on forklift skids keeping the floor free from moisture. The OSB strandwood included with the BOS Container and is treated for moisture and insects. Shelving accessories are modular and moveable. 

Storage Sheds

Got something valuable you need to store? You can trust BOS Containers with your treasured items. Bikes and motorbikes, household furnishings, saddles and horse gear, paperwork, boxes and more. The BOS container breathes a lot better than a shipping container which can become sweaty and mouldy over time and damaging your valuables. For extra security order an antivandal locking system.

Shed with motorbike
Easy Installation

Easy Installation



Built strong

Built Strong

Tight location

Tight Location

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